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My name is Mary McLeish Arteche. I’m am Art Director, Wife and a homeschooling Mama…. More than that, I am a thinker, a reader, a goal setter, a lover of the beautiful things in life. I’m learning everyday how to be more myself.

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I spend a lot of time with creative people LIKE YOU! And we find ways to make their lives, businesses and websites a whole lot more beautiful. I love making beautiful business and website solutions for even the smallest start up businesses. Partnering together with causes and ideas that really speak to me– help us make life beautiful, together. I am pumped for the projects that keep coming! Do you have something we should chat about? Email me at liveintobeauty@gmail.com.

Chances are if you email, my Studio Manager, Megan Tran will be answering your email and reaching out to you.

Meet Megan
Megan is my sister, my neighbor and my friend. She is a new mommy to the most delightful little lady, Charli Ranger. And we’re working out of our favorite studio in the desert to make our lives a bit more beautiful. Join us? Won’t you?





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