I live a two pronged life. Or more.

But today, I’ll focus on two.

I am a life-liver. A wife, a mama, a sister, a friend and I am a homebody. I love my home, making my home, schooling my people and so much more.

But, I am a designer. An artist. And um, a blogger. I AM.

For years, I did not really accept this side of myself. I called myself other things.

Namely, a maker. That was safe. I do make things.

I remember from English class in high school that Shakespeare always put people in ill-fitting clothesРto show they were out of their element. And that is how I felt with myself, ill-fitting clothes. But, actually once I PUT ON the clothes I THOUGHT were ill-fitting, they actually, MAGICALLY fit. I actually, was scared of them fitting all along.

Artist. Why yes, I am an Artist. Even though, most artists tell you what they make. AND THEREIN LIES THE RUB. I make quite a few different things.

But what I love most, TEACHING. Oh phew, there, I said it.

Who knew?

I started with teaching toddlers. Those little folks who speak have English and Half-God. Those people who KNOW so many things about themselves. Sometimes I wish we didn’t ‘grow up to become adults’ but that we grew up to become as cracked wide open as children. Those toddlers accepted me as their teacher. And I taught some parents how to do art with their kids. And that was amazing. But, I had deep fear before every class. Because I had a fear that I would be found out to be a fraud. That I didn’t know how to teach toddlers. But, that was my own deal.

One day, I realized it was my own thing– the fear. So I made a list of what I loved. And left the fear behind.

I LOVED being in class with them. I LOVED hanging out with the Mamas. And I LOVED doing the work we did together in class. I was PUMPED about paper birds, making big messes and seeing eyes light up.


Then, I taught classes for adults– I taught them how to create with their kiddos, how to look at life from a creative point of view and how to print their own t-shirts. And you know what? There is not much different about teaching toddlers and adults. We are all just trying to make something beautiful for our lives. And we are just trying to learn new things and lean into the person we are supposed to be.


This weekend, I was able to join with the most amazing group of adults to talk and learn about things I deeply care about. The earth, the home, the arts. At the Country Living Expo in Stanwood, WA, my friend Tara and I taught a needlefelting workshop to two wonderful groups!


Teaching art can sometimes be like leading people to know themselves. And giving a big permission slip to them to be creative in their daily life. These women did amazingly well! They learned something new and some even left with a new hobby. And I left knowing something else, learning for toddlers and adults is the same. It’s encouraging, it’s invigorating and it embroiders our life with passion that we really, can get no other way.

So, now you’ve heard it from me. Life, it’s what I’m doing. Art + Teaching = the life I never knew, I’ve always wanted.


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