The Kettle is On, A Ritual


I took quite a few photos when we were in the midwest– of the snow, recipes I wanted to remember, faces that are unforgettable. But things that I did not take pictures of were the mundane things, the quotidian rituals that hold our days together. Plunging my hands into sudsy dishwater, little quiet moments with tiny people, holding hands with a dog, warming water for cups of tea.

Most evenings, my friend Samantha and I would settle our children into bed, settle our hearts after our daily adventures and we would meet on the couch with a pot of tea. The ritual of heating the kettle, choosing tea and sharing a small pot together was so treasured. And this little ritual made me think of how I close my days here, at home. I usually just stay up too late, fall asleep on the couch and then stumble into bed. Debriefing my day with a trusted friend over a pot of tea was far superior.

And so tonight, I asked the kids to help me clean up before they went to bed and as they brushed their teeth, I put the kettle on– I brewed up a lovely bit of herbs and black tea. And now, I have a date, with myself and my journal.

A way to debrief my day with a trusted friend.

A small pot of tea and herbs: 
I have a tiny Beehouse teapot, perfect for one large cup or just fine for sharing. It has it’s own built in defusing basket. Before Beehouse, I used this tea strainer over my cup of tea. I get most of my teabrewing herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs
1 tsp dry sage
1/2 tsp dry lemon peel (fresh zest would be good too)
1/2 tsp cinnamon bark (add a cinnamon stick or just a shake of cinnamon)
2 drops peppermint essential oil
Splash of lime juice
1 bag of black tea
Combine all ingredients in defusing basket or in tea pot. Add boiling water, steep for three to five minutes. Sweeten, if desired. Strain and enjoy.



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  1. thanks Sandy for keeping us in your thoughts because you are in mine also, especially when I ride past your street here.


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