Sketchbook Saturday Morning

It must have been five years ago now, that we started this quiet ritual of unwinding during Saturday Mornings. We’d stay in our pajamas, make something warm and fresh for breakfast and then we’d all take up a creative project to occupy us for a few hours of being  alone, together.   We had a…

Embracing Our True Beauty

Beauties, I invited my friend, Katie Singh, to share about her experience of embracing her whole self and her true beauty in motherhood– she is modeling self care for her sweet girls (and for all of us too).

The Magic List

I felt the need to get something out of my system, so I wrote down about 30 things that I knew I wanted– deep down wanted.

Connecting Threads: Washington

This experience was quiet, grounding and enriching. I would love you to hear about it, but it’s almost hard to give away the memories to a public space. It was a sweet, sweet weekend with one of my dearest friends and my mom.

Meet Charlotte, FULLY ALIVE

Guest Post: Honestly, I’m a little terrified and intimidated of what I’m going to do, but in the best way.

Health, Healing and Wholeness

Guest Post by Meghan for Eating Disorder Awareness Month: I struggled with food for several years. I fought with it. I considered it my enemy. After a lot of hard work and support, I have found freedom from that bondage! I now enjoy food.


I live a two pronged life. Or more. But today, I’ll focus on two. I am a life-liver. A wife, a mama, a sister, a friend and I am a homebody. I love my home, making my home, schooling my people and so much more. But, I am a designer. An artist. And um, a…

10 Gluten Free Road Trip Snacks for Kids

  Have you ever been in the middle of Nebraska, starving and crabby at each other because all you have in the car is wrappers and hot, half empty soda bottles? Um. Well, we have. So, when we start talking about taking a road trip. The first thing I think of is food. FOOD.  My…

Gluten Free Bread Machine Bread

“I don’t know HOW to make bread for you…” the voice of a nearly desperate mom was staring at her little girl in the grocery store. She was staring that the small section of gluten free flours with that glazed, overwhelmed look of ‘what now, what next.’ I grabbed a bag of sorghum flour and…